Insuring your device with us is quick and easy with an instant quote

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Insuring your device with us is quick and easy with an instant quote

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Vodafone Insurance

Fast, flexible coverfrom peoplewho know phonesFast, flexible cover frompeople who know phonesFast, flexiblecover frompeople whoknow phones

Why Vodafone Insurance?

Next day replacement 7 days a week*

Worldwide coverage

No hidden fees or extras; simple, clear terms

Manufacturer-approved parts

What's included?

Features included in Vodafone Mobile Device Insurance will change depending on the device type you insure. The device types are: iPhone, non-Apple or other mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch. Please select the device type you wish to insure using the following control and then review the details of the plans in the table below that.

Your device must be less than 37 months old. Your monthly cost will vary based on your device and which level of cover you choose.

FeatureLoss, theft, damage and breakdownDamage and breakdown
Accidental damage
Water / liquid damage
Breakdown outside of manufacturer's warranty
Next day replacement *
Worldwide cover**
Accessories cover (up to £200 when purchased from Vodafone)***
AppleCare Services****
Price †From £6 - £19.50 a monthFrom £4 - £12.50 a month
Excess fee †Excess for each successful claim ranges from £50 to £150 depending on your device and/or claim type. Screen or back glass repair claimed through AppleCare carries a reduced excess of £25.
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* Some postcodes are excluded from next day delivery.

** You are covered for trips worldwide, but replacement devices can only be sent to a UK address.

*** Vodafone Mobile Device Insurance covers accessories bought from us and worth up to £200 that are lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your device.

**** Any claims for additional accessories that were not included in the box with the Apple device are not eligible for AppleCare Services.

† Prices vary according to device. The cost of insurance for your specific device will be shown at point of purchase.

What's not covered?

Boy holding a phone
  • Loss and theft on “Damage and breakdown” policies
  • An excess fee will apply. Please see the terms and conditions below for details
  • Any incident where you have knowingly put your device at risk or haven't taken care of it
  • If you make 3 successful claims in any 12-month period, the policy will be cancelled
  • Deliberate damage
  • Cosmetic damage which doesn't affect the performance of the device, such as dents and scratches
  • Unauthorised network charges (such as calls, texts or data used by the person who stole your phone)
  • Accessories not bought from us

Terms and conditions

For a summary of the main benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions, please see our Insurance Product Information Document.
Full details of the terms and conditions.

Insure your device in a few simple steps

There are different ways to insure your mobile device depending on what type of device it is. The device types are: iPhone, non-Apple or other mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch. Please select the device type you wish to insure using the following control and the steps will be explained below.

You can choose to either:

• Add Vodafone Mobile Device Insurance when buying or upgrading a device *

• For Apple iPhones, you can add insurance up to 37 months after purchase

To buy insurance, you must be a permanent UK resident with a UK billing address, 18 years old or over, up to date with Vodafone Airtime Plan payments and/or existing Vodafone Insurance policies and the account owner of a Vodafone Pay monthly plan, Vodafone EVO plan, or SIM only Airtime Plan.

If you are a business customer, please contact 0333 304 3346 for options.

Insure a phone that you already own

Get an instant quote and check out online:

Step 1. Select your device*

Step 2. Choose level of cover

Step 3. Confirm your details

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* Not all devices can be insured

AppleCare Services logo

AppleCare Services - included with Vodafone Insurance

Choose Vodafone Insurance to cover your Apple iPhone within 37 months of your purchase and get all this included:

Walk-in repairs / replacements

At any Apple store

Reduced excess fee

Just £25 for screen/back glass damage repair*

Replacement battery

Free new battery if less than 80% original capacity

24/7 access to Apple experts

Available online and over the phone

Software support

For iOS, iCloud and Apple apps

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Please note: Vodafone Insurance with AppleCare Services isn’t available for iPads or Apple Watches.

* Back glass repair not available on iPhone SE and iPhone models released prior to iPhone 12.

How to make a claim

If you've insured your device with Vodafone Insurance and need to make a claim, you can call:

• From the UK: 0333 304 3346 (standard call charges apply)

• From abroad: +44 7836 191 191 (free from any Vodafone phone, but standard international call charges apply from other mobiles or landlines)

If your device has been lost or stolen, you need to let us know as soon as possible. I need to report my device lost or stolen.

If your claim is accepted and we’re able to send you a replacement phone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch, you’ll need to back up your current device to keep photos, music and contacts safe.

Cancelling your insurance

The quickest way to cancel your insurance is by calling 0333 304 3346 from any UK landline or mobile.
Alternatively, to cancel by email please see our FAQ here.
If you have a business account, find out how to cancel your business account

Are you a business customer?

If you're a business customer, find out more about business insurance.


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When will my replacement be delivered?
How many claims can I make?

For more information, see our full terms and conditions.